FBI FD-258 Ink Fingerprint Cards. (aka “Hard Card” & “Ten Print”)

FBI FD-258 Ink Fingerprinting Cards

The FD-258 Ink Fingerprint Cards are used by the FBI to process an individuals “National Level” criminal background history report. The FBI requires applicants to be fingerprinted on the blue FD258 fingerprint card by a certified professional. 


Electronic Fingerprints Printed to FD-258 Cards

Alive Scan is an authorized FBI Channeler so we can fingerprint electronically one time and then print out multiple sets of fingerprint cards. Applicants who are regularly fingerprinted for state licensing “love” this new feature. No more messy ink or having to get fingerprinted over and over again.


California DOJ Certified Fingerprint Roller

Alive Scan is certified by the California Department of Justice (DOJ) for FD-258 and SF-87 “Hard Card” Fingerprinting in addition to Live Scan Fingerprinting. We are required to id the applicant, sign off on the FD-258 card, and also enter our FPC code.


FD-258 Ink Fingerprinting Service Provider in San Diego.

Do I Need to Go to Law Enforcement or a Police Station for Ink Fingerprinting

FD-258 requirements often instruct the applicant to go to a Police Station or Sheriff Office for fingerprinting; however, California Police Departments no longer offer ink fingerprinting services. Alive Scan is recognized by law enforcement as an authorized FD-258 ink fingerprint provider in San Diego. We are certified by the California Department of Justice as a live scan & FD-258 ink fingerprint service provider.


Where Can I Purchase an FD258 Fingerprint Card

People often find it difficult to obtain the required FD 258 fingerprint card. Fortunately, Alive Scan provides these fingerprint cards “FREE” to our customers! However if you do require a blank fingerprint card, you can purchase them for $5.00 each.


FBI FD-258 Forms & Instructions

NOTE: Although the FBI will accept a printed copy of the FD-258 card, we highly recommend using the official 8″ x 8″ FD258 Fingerprint Cards for your ink fingerprinting to avoid extended delays and a much higher rejection rate.


Do I have to use the FBI Form FD-258

When people who reside in California wish to work or become licensed in another state, the FD 258 Card is usually the required method of fingerprinting. When being fingerprinted for reasons within California, live scan fingerprinting is required. Some agencies such as CA Board of Behavioral Sciences offer both methods of fingerprinting. Applicants residing in California are required to submit fingerprints via livescan. If you reside outside of the State of California, you may use the “hard card” fingerprint method.


How’s a ” Ten Print Card” or “Hard Card” differ from the FD 258 Card

The Ten-Print fingerprint card is just another name for the ink fingerprint card. The blue FD-258 cards are usually the only acceptable form to be fingerprinted on. We recommend that you contact the the agency to verify, as some agencies use an alternate format. Other common names for the FD258 card include:

  • Ten Print Card
  • Fingerprint Card
  • Hard Card
  • Hard Copy
  • Ink Card
  • Wet Card
  • Standard Form (Standard Fingerprint Card)


SF-87 Fingerprint Card

The SF-87 Fingerprint Card is often used my the military and to complete a federal employment security clearance. Alive Scan is authorized to fingerprint SF87 applicants, however, you will need to provide the SF-87 card since they are government issued. Some requesting agencies allow the FD-258 Card to be used as a substitute since the two fingerprint cards are very similar. Check with the requesting agency before substituting the FD 258 for the less common SF-87 card.