Teach Abroad? Fd-258 Fingerprint Cards for Background Checks.

Teaching Abroad – San Diego Fingerprinting for Background Checks

I want to Teach Abroad. Can Alive Scan fingerprint me to obtain my “Criminal Record”?

YES! U.S. citizens may be asked to present a “certificate of good conduct” or “lack of a criminal record” for a variety of reasons for use abroad including adoption, school attendance, teaching overseas, etc. U.S. law enforcement authorities may not be familiar with such a procedures since it is not commonly requested in the United States. Alive Scan is an authorized fingerprint service provider and are commonly referred to for live scan and ink fingerprinting by San Diego Police Stations and Sheriff Offices. U.S. citizens seeking to obtain proof of their lack of a criminal record must be fingerprinted on the FBI FD 258 “Hard Card”.


San Diego Ink Fingerprint Service Provider

If you plan to teach abroad and require fingerprinting for a criminal background check, please contact us for more information. We are San Diego’s fingerprint service provider. We carry the Form FD-258 Ink Fingerprint Cards that the FBI requires to process your background history summary report. These Fd258 fingerprint cards are “FREE” for our applicants who plan to teach abroad!


Does I the CIEE require a criminal background check to teach abroad?

Yes. Applicants seeking to teach abroad through the CIEE.ORG teaching program are required to submit an ink fingerprint card. This “old-school” method of ink fingerprinting is necessary for the FBI to process your criminal history background report. The CIEE requires applicants to have a clean criminal history record to teach overseas. See below for more information.

  • Chile (Teach in Chile)
  • Chine (Teach in China)
  • Dominican Republic (Teach in the DR – Dominican Republic)
  • South Korea (Teach in South Korea)
  • Spain (Teach in Spain)
  • Thailand (Teach in Thailand)
  • Vietnam (Teach in Vietnam)


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