Fingerprinting for Firearm Certificates, Permits and Licensing

Firearms Certificate of Eligibility for Firearm Permits and Licensing

California Department of Justice Bureau of Firearms Fingerprinting

San Diego Fingerprinting For Firearm Certificates, Permits and Licenses

Alive Scan is certified by the California Department of Justice to fingerprint via the electronic Live Scan and FBI FD-258 Ink Cards. Applicants needing an FBI level criminal background check MUST be fingerprinted by a certified fingerprint specialist who signs, dates and enters their official FPC number. We are San Diego’s trusted source for professional livescan and ink fingerprinting.


California DOJ Bureau of Firearms Fingerprinting and Criminal Background Checks

The Bureau of Firearms serves the people of California through education, regulation, and enforcement actions regarding the manufacture, sales, ownership, safety training, and transfer of firearms. Please be aware that Department of Justice Bureau of Firearms staff is prohibited by law from discussing an applicant’s criminal record or mental health information over the telephone. Please see the California DOJ Bureau of Firearms website for more information. You may also download the California Department of Justice Bureau of Firearms “Certificate of Eligibility” Application and Request for Live Scan Service form here.


Fingerprint Submission Requirements

You must submit your fingerprint impressions before submitting this application form to the Department of Justice (DOJ). To submit fingerprint impressions, you must take a completed Request for Live Scan Service form (BCIA 8016) to a Live Scan service provider such as Alive Scan in San Diego, CA 92109. Ink fingerprints may also be required to complete your firearm certificate of eligibility application. We provide the FD-258 fingerprint cards when necessary. Notary and passport photos are sometimes required with some applications. We provide these services also, for a convenient one-stop shop. Contact Alive Scan at 858.349.0204 Today!


Department of Public Safety (DPS) Fingerprint Clearance Cards

DPS – Fingerprinting and Background Checks in San Diego

The FBI runs a criminal history background check that may be required as a condition of employment, licensing and clearances. The FBI requires applicants to be fingerprinted by an authorized fingerprint roller on the form FD 258 “Hard Card” for the purpose of processing a criminal background history report. Alive Scan is authorized and often referred to by local San Diego police stations and sheriff offices.


Department of Public Safety Fingerprint Clearance Card FAQ

How long is my Fingerprint Clearance Card good for?

Cards are valid for six years.

What will my fingerprints be used for?

Your fingerprints will be used to obtain both a state and federal criminal records check.

How long will it take to get my Fingerprint Clearance Card?

The average processing time can vary from week to week based on the number of applications received and on whether or not the person has a criminal record.


Please see Department of Public Safety for more information.